Control Systems – What These Systems Do?

Tour control systems have nowadays become very essential for every business sector. These control systems help the employers to ensure whether their guards are working properly or not. These systems are nowadays widely used especially in the security industry.

Guard tour control systems have many different types of security equipments like walkie talkie, time and attendance and more.  When you hire these security services, they install these equipments over your property or factory and all these systems are connected through the security or surveillance room.

security system

Types of equipments and their work

  • Walkie talkie – this system helps the guards to remain well connected with each other. During the patrolling this equipment helps the guards to remain in touch with each other. If any guard locates any suspicious activity they can ask silently to other guards for back up and help.
  • Time and attendance system – this system checks whether the guard has checked in at the right time or not. This attendance system is installed over various places. So, during the patrolling whenever guard passes through a certain area they are checked-in in this system and system records the date and time when the guard comes for the patrolling and at how much time interval they come for patrolling.
  • Man alert down – this system is very valuable and one of the most advanced. If any man or person is hit or fells down then this system automatically detects it and sends the notification to other employees that any one member is hit and injured. This alerts the other employees so that they can overcome from the daunting and dangerous situation.
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